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Valedictory Announcement

3rd International Business Analytics Conference
Theme: Analytics Everywhere - Unleash the Power of Data

23rd March 2023
Venue: K J Somaiya Institute Of Management, Mumbai, India

Partner University
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Data and Analytics are ubiquitous in this age of digital information, cloud computing, and online media feeds. Even within the world of finance, sales & marketing, and human resources, we talk about portfolios, ratios, and performance metrics, and those are the kind of data yet to be analyzed to reach a significant conclusion. Over the years, new technologies in Data Analytics are progressing continuously. From Predictive Analysis to Quantum Computing, businesses need to implement the right trends to stay ahead of their competitors in the industry.

The power of data has been exposed in today’s competitive global business environment, and it plays an indispensable role in improving decision-making and enhancing business strategies. With the abundance of data available around us, identifying and capturing the accurate set is essential for the transformation in business processes, innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge.

The Business Analytics Department of K J Somaiya Institute of Management is elated to announce its 3rd International Business Analytics Conference. The conference is aimed at discussing the ongoing and upcoming developments in the field of Analytics. The conference will connect academicians, researchers, and practitioners giving them a global platform to present and exchange ideas, experiences, and research work showcasing the power of data and the extent to which analytics has permeated into various fields of management.






Submission of Extended Abstract

(1500-2000 words)

Acceptance Notification

Last Date of Registration for Inclusion of Extended Abstract

Pre-Conference Workshop

Conference Date

15th February 2023

28th February 2023

10th March 2023

20th-22nd March 2023

23rd March 2023


MukeshJain(High Res).jpg

Mr Mukesh Jain

CTO, VP & Global Head of Innovation with AI/ML, Insights & Data at Capgemini

Deepa Soman

Managing Director
Lumiere Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Sharad Saxena

Principal Consultant, Statistics, Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning
SAS Global Education

Sri Vallabha Deevi

Principal Data Scientist,
Tiger Analytics

Dhaval Thanki


Prasad Gaikwad

Business & Integration Arch - Specialist
Large Tech Consulting Company
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